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Dyscalculia No More Review

If your child suffers from dyscalculia, you may have already seen this product advertised, and you’ve more than likely have already seen the above claim. I took the above statement directly from the sales page, because I want people to know exactly what the Dyscalculia No More product is selling, but more importantly, what it’s claiming to be able to accomplish. It’s kind of a big thing, to promise a parent their child will improve AND enjoy doing it….being a parent myself, my first thought was “How dare they make that statement and use it as fact!” The thought intrigued me, so I decided to do a little more digging to see if in fact I could put their foot in their mouths, or if the end result was what they promised.

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I decided to give it a whirl (yes, I actually bought the system) and see if the product really lives up to it’s bold statements. So, throughout the rest of this review, I give you my honest opinion of the Dyscalculia No More system.

100 % Honest Dyscalculia No More Review

What’s Inside Dyscalculia No More? (What You Can Expect if You Buy the Software)

It kind of seemed to me that after I purchased the product and shelled out a lot of money for it (the system was $50), I would get a bigger and better explanation of how the software was supposed to be either used, or installed, or something. Instead, as soon as I purchased it, I was taken to a page where I was asked to enter my email address and name so I could be informed of product updates. I entered my info, and then was immediately taken to the download page. The page was simple, and had 3 steps to follow with instructions to download 1.) The installation guide, 2.) The Number Magic software, and 3.) The language files (note- these need to be installed in order for the game to open). (I included the image of this below, because it really did kind of get to me how simple it seemed):

The installation of everything took less than 5 minutes, and it was actually extremely simple. Which is an amazing thing in this day in age, and for any mother or father who is already short on time and patience. Easy is good.

I started a new game and entered a new student, and got myself familiar with it. You can add different children, and tailor the game to individual age and needs of your child. There are 14 different levels of difficulty in the program. I liked that I can add all of my children and can have pre-defined settings for each one. All they have to do is click on their name and the settings are already configured for that child. Another thing I thought was neat was the ability the software has at keeping track of each child’s progress. (There is even a section that explains how important it is that each child play under their own name so that the advancements each child makes is not altered.)

The child can pick the world they want to play in (an under water world, or an African jungle type setting.) It’s basically a game board layout. Your child has to beat the “enemy” (whichever character he/she is playing against) to the finish line. Your child must use the mouse to move their character the number of spaces they were shown.

It seemed a bit childish to me, but then again I’m a 31 year old woman. So I put it to the real test – I let my 4 year old play the game. And he loved it. He got a big kick out of the silly voices the fish made, and he had a really good time trying to beat the other fish to the finish line. When we were done playing the game, he was really excited, and told me he knew how to count to 10, and then proceeded to show me. I can definitely say the game sparked an interest in numbers for him.

The game practices number recognition by using repetition. There was also adding and subtracting, and various other problems that help children get better at math and numbers.

What’s the Final Verdict? Is Dyscalculia No More Worth it?

My first thought was “Wow, $50 is a lot of money for something so simple.” The icon itself is also very plain jane (again, a screen shot of the desktop icon is below, for nostalgia purposes):

Then I realized that actually, even though $50 is a lot of money upfront, it’s really not that bad. It’s a one time fee, so there’s nothing more you have to pay. And it’s a heck of a lot cheaper than a tutor, or some high end learning system you would pay a couple hundred dollars for. For $50, you get

  • Multiple children can play with their own settings tailored to their needs and levels.
  • The kids really did have a good time with it (if nothing else, it’s a nice quiet break for mom and dad!)
  • Whether we want to believe it or not, kids learn with repetition. This software has exactly that.

The Number Magic game may be cheesy and corny to a 31 year old woman, but to my¬† kids, it was a hit. I’d way rather have my children playing with a cheesy learning game than playing god knows what on the internet. My final verdict is 2 thumbs up. I give the Dyscalculia No More System a definite positive. It’s certainly not a scam, it’s a good spend of $50, and it kept my child entertained and interested in numbers. You can check out the home page here:

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Written by Jennifer K